Ralph LoVoulo

Karolina Tatarenkova is just simply one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. She has incredibly fluid imagination and the willpower to follow through on her ideas.

She is absolutely laser focused on her career, her clients, her desires and her destination, which just happens to be known as the foremost expert at relationship and interpersonal communication, both physical and verbal.
If you want to know more, feel free to contact me.

Angelique Kronebusch

When it comes to intimate relationships, this is the area where most of us fail. We fail to communicate because we are scared or angry and we wait until its too late to fix things. This is where Karolina comes in. She has proven that you can work past your problems in relationships, marriage and sex.

Many of us spend useless money on things we don’t need to fill a void that is missing because we are depressed with our relationships. Instead of burning up your credit cards with your next shopping spree, invest in getting the help that is needed in your relationship. Don’t be afraid to take the steps needed before its too late. Your relationship with your loved one doesn’t have to fail!

Jason Tiller

The reason why I recommend Karolina to my friends for relationship coaching is…

When I have had a situation in my loving relation where a pattern of behaviour has repeated itself over and over without resolve and with growing confusion, friends offer a shoulder of sympathy, Karolina asks the questions that I have found uncomfortable and not sympathetic. These thought provoking questions have been the exact thing that I needed not wanted in that moment of self pity. It has been Karolina’s skill and professional coaching that has enabled me to arrive at my own understanding of a situation that was troubling, far quicker than I could have on my own.

Jenna Herbut

I wasn’t so sure what I was getting myself into when I first signed up for Karolina’s workshop, but within a few minutes of meeting her I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Her energy, passion and understanding of the Universe blew me away. Karolina is an amazing teacher,and explains concepts in a relatable and easy to understand way. I would highly recommend working with her and enrolling in her workshops!

Bogdan Pavlovskyy

Karolina has outstanding depth of knowledge and experience in the areas of relationships and sexuality.  She is one of the few experts who apply all of her concepts and beliefs to her personal life.  She has a way of changing my perspective so that life’s possibilities open up tremendously when I talk to her.

One of the most important thing Karolina has been doing for me is to let me see I have a choice. She helps me realize  a level of insight into my own feelings and actions that it’s in itself is a healing and life changing event.  I place my trust in her because she leads by example and she is a true inspiration.

Olga Lux

Good evening, dear Karolina. I just want to say again thank you so much for the session we had today. There were a lot of breakthroughs and epiphanies that came to me during it and you have given me hope that it’s possible to shift the energy in my life toward what I want to see happening. I have worked with many therapists, coaches, spiritual counselors, etc…and you are by far in the top tier. You’re very knowledgeable and wise and your capacity for helping people is profound. I am in awe of your gift!

Btw, I just watched the video you posted about weight held trauma and recognized myself in some of the things you’ve said. Thank you so much for posting that video, it almost made me cry because the truth was so deep and they say the truth will set you free, and I feel a bit more free now knowing the reasons behind certain things that have manifested in my life. You are doing God’s work and I wish you many blessings for your kind heart and spirit of service. I definitely look forward to working with you in the future. You are the best of the best! It was a privilege speaking with you. Thank you for all that you do, it is much needed! With profound respect, admiration and gratitude. 

Mike F.

You helped me feel like a man again…and my insecurities are much better! I know that there are good women out there. I will always continue to watch and learn from your show, sessions, and courses. Thank and Bless You!


Whether it is in your romantic or intimate life, Karolina’s incredible talent lies in her ability to assist you with identifying and overcoming the source of your pain or whatever it is that may be holding you back from creating a meaningful and loving relationship.

Lorril D.

I feel blessed to go through a healing process with Karolina. I am grateful for the help you have given me to address myself, how I feel and who I am. Now I can be FREE. 

Kevin V. Huhn

Karolina hit on the key points that I was struggling with in my head about an intimate relationship. She holds no punches and tells it like it is. She also has compassion and really cares about helping. She asked direct questions that got me thinking – I realized that the relationship is not about blaming the other one – but taking responsibility. She is someone I turn to for help with my intimate relationship… 

Thank you Karolina!


Karolina’s sessions offer a safe, confidential and nurturing space in which you can get all the buried anguish out, see your problems or fears for what they really are and get shot of them forever.  She is the master of making difficult conversations empowering and transformation.