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Dear Friend,

Letting go is not something that comes naturally to us. In a world that teaches us to cling to what we “love” at all costs even if this love is an abusive and toxic relationship, there is an undeniable art to moving on – and it’s one I can help you with.

If you lost something or someone you loved…and now you’re TIRED of mulling over memories, laundering missteps, or bleeding your hopes and dreams in your head, hoping some part of what you loved can be salvaged, then you are at the right place.

I often have a LIMITED number of spots for new clients. If you want to work with me, then reserve your spot and schedule your breakthrough session to see if you’re right for my one-on-one program.

It's about letting go and healing the pain

My clients are extraordinary women who are not only willing, but committed to showing up and doing the work. That’s why they have exceptional results. If you’re excited to have a big shift in your life + are interested in finding out what powerful results you can expect from our work together, book your session.

Time is of the essence

E-mail info@PassionInLove.com to schedule your Breakthrough Session.

When working with me it’s about letting go of pain

Of the traumas that you never thought you’d heal from and the love that you never thought you’d lose. It’s about awakening your sexuality and feminine power.   


Live with love and passion,

Karolina Pasko

P.S. Know that you will need to do this work if you want to live your life fulfilled and happy. Because nobody else can let go for you. But you can use some company along the way to get to your final destination faster and less painful. 

When it comes to intimate relationships, this is the area where most of us fail. I went through a painful divorce after being married for 11 years. This is where Karolina came in. She has proven that you can work past your problems in relationships, marriage and sex.

Many of us spend useless money on things we don’t need to fill a void that is missing because we are depressed with our relationships. Instead of burning up your credit cards with your next shopping spree, invest in getting the help that is needed in your relationship with yourself. Don’t be afraid to take the steps needed before its too late.


I just want to say again thank you so much for the session we had today. There were a lot of breakthroughs and epiphanies that came to me during it and you have given me hope that it’s possible to shift the energy in my life toward what I want to see happening. I have worked with many therapists, coaches, spiritual counselors, etc…and you are by far in the top tier. You’re very knowledgeable and wise and your capacity for helping people is profound. I am in awe of your gift!


I wasn’t so sure what I was getting myself into when I first signed up to work with Karolina’, but within a few minutes of meeting her I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. Her energy, passion and understanding of the Universe blew me away. Karolina is an amazing teacher, and explains concepts in a relatable and easy to understand way. I would highly recommend working with her.

– Jenna

It’s hard to explain the impact Karolina has had on me, I feel myself again. At first I was finding reasons of why I shouldn’t start: MONEY, TIME or MOTHER. But I couldn’t NOT afford it as well.  It has completely changed the relationship I have with myself. I used to feel guilty for taking time for myself or being anything more than just a mother. I didn’t realize how much I was suffering until Karolina showed me what it feels like to break free from the pain. I can’t thank her enough for her love, belief in me and guidance. 

– Olesya


Want to work with me?

I love life. Let's spend every second of it loving fully!


Everything we will talk about in sessions is confidential. There are some limits to confidentiality to ensure your well-being: plan of suicide or homicide, child abuse, court subpoena.


The relationship you will have with me is a partnership. My goal is to empower you to attain the changes you desire. You must do your part by following through on the commitments you make.


I am committed to creating change in your life. Change starts by defining the results you want to achieve and developing a personal road map to get there.  When you knock on the door of opportunity, it is the hard work that answers. 


For me, working with people from different cultural backgrounds and countries has been the greatest lesson of all. I have become more courageous. I take more risks. And with all I have learned, nothing substitutes for experience.

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