Karolina Pasko is one of the most inspiring, confidence building, empathetic and spirit building counsellors / coaches in the world.  She considers romantic relationships and intimate life to be sacred, respected and cherished areas that require people’s attention if they want to improve their quality of life.

Her academic and professional credibility, as well as international experience, make her one of the few who has been trained in the most up to date and effective relationship counselling and sex therapy. 

She impresses her clients and many colleagues with her fresh and creative approach that she has developed to invite holistic change in betterment of her client’s romantic and intimate lives.

In her early twenties, she refused to believe that there was only one way to passionate love and that her most compelling future was behind in her romantic relationship. 

She used her despair and desire to not settle for “passion and intimacy aresupposed to vain in relationships after a few years” to drive her relentless and courageous exploration of what it takes to not only love each other but also to create more passion and intimacy in relationships as they evolve and grow.

I'm creating passion in love through the magic of therapy, coaching, training, and books.

Soon people would say, “Your passion and approach to love and intimacy is inspiring, why don’t you do a workshop or start a blog?”  She listened.

Since then, she has been on a mission to scale her message to unprecedented levels and dedicated her life to helping others find their passion in love and embrace their sexuality.

Professional Credentials

Master of Counselling Psychology.

Adler University

Gottman Couples Therapy

Gottman Institute

Clinical Sexology Certification


Rethinking Couples Therapy

Terry Real & Esther Perel

Professional Credentials

Sex Coach Accreditation

World Association of Sex Coaches

Sexual Attitudes Reassessment & Restructuring Training


Mindfulness Training


Bachelor of Management with Honours

University of British Columbia


Huffington Post


South Asian Women


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Compelling Action Plan
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An Amazing Beginning...

I have always been fascinated by the power of love and intimacy.  Growing up and witnessing unstoppable desire of people to love and be loved, yet letting the fear of not being good enough stop them from letting go and loving with all of their hearts taught me a lot.  I saw that the fear of getting hurt was overpowering the desire to love.

Traveling the world, I had an outstanding opportunity to learn strategies to creating passion in love from people from different walks of life.  I also noticed that sexuality was an area of life that was surrounded with a lot of shame, guilt and perceived inappropriateness, yet also with longing to uncover true and honest answers.

What I Learnt Transformed My Life

I realised that many people believe that the most compelling future is behind them and passion in relationship has an expiry date.  In fact, there are so many therapists who reinforce this detrimental myth.  I have seen couples who passionately and physically love each other many years into their relationships. 

Love and intimate passion are not given by luck; they are created by people who consistently put a conscious effort.  Sexuality and relationships are the areas of your life that must be cherished, developed and grown.

At the end of our life journey, we all wonder,
"Why did I spend thousands on business and material objects,yet didn't spend half the time or amount on intimate relationships?"

I believe in a holistic approach to transformation. You can achieve all success in the world in other areas of your life and still not be fulfilled.  Why? 

There is one area of your life that can bring you the deepest joy and excitement — or the deepest sorrow and heartbreak – the area of your intimate relationships.  Nothing in life can be compared to the sense of aliveness you feel in a relationship that is on fire.

Sexual intimacy can be the most intricate and sacred way to connect with yourself or with your lover. Sexuality is a life force that unleashes the most creative and dynamic life.  It extends beyond the bedroom… it transpires through your feminine or masculine energy, the way you show up on daily basis and guided in your life.

Clear some space in your mind from obsessing about a recent fight, anger and resentment, you will create vacuum with a door to welcome love and passion.

- Excerpt from Passion In Love

sex and a healthy relationship works together

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