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Karolina Tatarenkova is one of the most aspiring and upraising counsellors and coaches in the world.  She considers all romantic relationships and intimate life to be sacred, respected and cherished areas of everyone’s life.  She understands the requirement of personal attention if anyone wants to improve their quality of life.  Her academic and professional credentials as well as international experience make her one of the few specialists who have been trained in the most up to date, effective relationship counselling and sex therapy.  She impresses her clients and many colleagues with her fresh, intelligent and creative approach. She has developed counseling innovations through holistic change in the betterment of her clients’ romantic and intimate lives.

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Events to entertain, learn, and become better because of them

Why do some people become so clear on what they want for their lives and intimate relationships and how to create it that no failure stops them from making it happen, while others fearfully choose to put their intimacy aside and wait until they hit the last wall?  There needs to be a deep and clear understanding of what intimacy means to you, what fears control you, how to awaken your mind along with your body to fully realize the thoughts, feelings, spirit and behaviors that will bring you toward your own personal breakthrough.

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Integrative Counselling & Coaching

Master your romantic relationship and intimate life regardless of your location...

Karolina integrates therapy and coaching to ensure an insight-based and change-originated process.  How can you improve and strengthen your intimate relationship with your partner, even in times of stress and transition?  How do you know for yourself that you found a person you want to build your life with?  How do you overcome intimate challenges to own your sexuality?  How do you break through personal barriers and pain to welcome the love and intimacy you deserve?  How do you achieve and sustain true passion in your relationship?


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Feminine Sex Guide

Date Yourself Program - for women

Your journey to self-love, confidence, sexuality, femininity and passion in love

It’s an 8 week live online coaching program for embracing self-love, getting confidence back, falling in love with yourself and healing your relationships. It’s an opportunity to pull back the covers and take an honest, yet an empowering look at the relationships with yourself, your confidence, your femininity, intimate relationships, sexual wellness, and attachment and how to move forward in a powerful way.


Mindset of Supreme Lover

Your mindset of a great lover - Advance online course

Do you want to become the best lover she ever had in the bedroom and outside? Do you want to claim your confidence in relationships and seduction? This advanced online course is your personal development coaching program to reclaim your love life, purpose + success! 

*It’s amazing for women too!


Marriage counselling

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